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Community Pharmacy Services - HSO 51001:2018(E)

Community Pharmacy Services - HSO 51001:2018(E)

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The Community Pharmacy Services standard applies to independent pharmacies and hospital outpatient pharmacies. The standard promotes a collaborative approach to safety and quality by addressing all aspects of the medication management process, from storage, selection, and preparation, to dispensing medication, and following up with clients regarding their medication needs where required.

Organizations are responsible for ensuring that the functions outlined in the Community Pharmacy standard are completed by qualified individuals in line with their scope of practice and applicable regulations.

The standard contains the following sections:

  • Investing in pharmacy services
  • Having the right people
  • Delivering quality pharmacy services
  • Engaging clients in medication safety
  • Maintaining efficient information systems
  • Monitoring the quality and safety of pharmacy services

HSO is an independent, not‑for‑profit corporation and is registered in Canada as a charity, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency rules, with a mandate to enable and empower people around the world to continuously improve quality of care.

While designated as a Standards Development Organization by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), HSO operates independently from SCC. HSO does not receive ongoing funding from SCC, other crown corporations of Canada, or federal or provincial entities.

HSO charges a nominal fee to help offset the associated costs of development and maintenance of HSO standards, as most HSO standards are self-funded.

If cost is a barrier to accessing an HSO standard, please email and a team member will assist you.

Standards available for purchase through this E-Store are considered HSO standards and must only be used in accordance with applicable HSO Terms of Use or client agreement and are not applicable for assessment purposes. If you are part of an assessment program such as the Qmentum accreditation program, with one of our partners including Accreditation Canada, Qualicor Europe, IQG, or IQMH, your assessment body will provide you with the assessment standard prior to the standard being incorporated into your program and used for surveys or assessment purposes. For information on assessment standards, or to obtain the version specific to your program, please contact your assessment provider.

Standards purchased online are delivered as printable PDF downloads. If you would like a copy printed and shipped to you, please email

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