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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services - HSO 34009:2017(E)

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services - HSO 34009:2017(E)

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Program and service monitoring, evaluation, and quality improvement need to be appropriate. Frequent monitoring of services being offered is essential in determining success. Monitoring could occur formally, through an instrument, or informally, discussions with the individual with IDD and family members. The focus can be on different areas, depending on where the org wants to focus. Monitoring can occur within the unit, the organization, nationally, or even internationally.

Following a period of monitoring the results need to be evaluated and used for quality improvements. There are many quality indicators for IDD services that exist globally. Accreditation Canada is not prescriptive on which monitoring system is used, but monitoring, interpreting results, and using them for quality improvement is an important part of the program and aligns with the research.

Key areas that demonstrate success are:

  • Improved quality of life for individuals with IDD and family members
  • People with IDD feel as though they are making decisions for themselves
  • People with IDD feel integrated in the community, if they choose this as a goal
  • Reduced number of safety incidents
  • Reduced wait time for access to services

This is a standalone HSO standard and is not meant for assessment purposes. If you are part of an assessment program (such as accreditation) with one of our partners such as Accreditation Canada, NIAZ, IQG or others, your assessment provider will provide you with the assessment standard before it is introduced to your program. For information on assessment standards or to obtain the copy specific to your program, please contact your assessment provider.

Requesting printed standards: Standards purchased online are delivered as printable PDF downloads. If you would like a copy printed and shipped to you, please email

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