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Welcome to Health Standard Organization's (HSO) E-Store.

Browse the E-Store wide selection of standards classified by language or by service/sector area. 

The Qmentum International standards cover key requirements for safety and quality across the continuum of care. There are two types of standards in the Program- the system-wide standards and the service-sector standards.

The system-wide standards are required for most health care organizations and consist of:

  • Leadership standards which looks at how the organization’s executive team is planning and evaluating its programs and services
  • Governance standards that evaluate the organization’s board of directors or governing body
  • Infection Prevention and Control and Medication Management standards which look at how these areas are planned, implemented and evaluated across the organization

The service-sector standards focus on a specific area in the organization such the emergency department or diagnostic services. The list of applicable standards depends on the services provided by the organization.

*Please note that this E-Store offers standards pertaining to Qmentum International program used by organizations outside of Canada. If your organization operates in Canada and you are interested in the national Canadian standards for Qmentum program or other products applicable to Canadian health care organizations, please visit Accreditation Canada E-Store