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Biomedical Laboratory Services V3 EN

Biomedical Laboratory Services V3 EN

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The Biomedical Laboratory Services Standards are for organizations providing laboratory services in a hospital or as an independent centre. These standards promote a collaborative approach to service delivery where the laboratory team works with the laboratory users to deliver safe and quality services to clients. These standards address all aspects of laboratory services, from responding to requests for services to communicating the results. 

The Biomedical Laboratory Services Standards are based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards 15189-12. These standards focus on activities related to planning and evaluating laboratory services provided within and outside the organization.

This set of standards contains the following sections:

  • Planning, designing, and coordinating laboratory services
  • Having the right people · Providing a suitable environment
  • Complying with good laboratory practice
  • Operating and maintaining laboratory equipment
  • Using supplies, reagents, and media
  • Properly preparing for the analysis
  • Conducting the analysis safely and accurately
  • Maintaining efficient and accessible information systems
  • Monitoring quality and achieving positive results 
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