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Diagnostic Imaging V3 EN

Diagnostic Imaging V3 EN

$100.00 CAD

Diagnostic imaging services assist medical professionals in diagnosing, monitoring and treating their clients' health conditions. Referring medical professionals work with diagnostic imaging providers to select the most appropriate and least invasive diagnostic imaging examination that can achieve the desired results. Diagnostic examinations may include radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, interventional radiology, bone densitometry, ultrasound, mammography, and nuclear medicine (including positive emission tomography).

HSO's Diagnostic Imaging Services Standards are for organizations providing diagnostic imaging services in a hospital or as an independent centre. These standards promote an integrated approach to diagnostic imaging services where diagnostic imaging providers work with referring medical professionals to deliver safe and quality diagnostic imaging services to clients.

HSO's Diagnostic Imaging Services Standards contain the following sections:

  • Meeting the Needs of Clients and Referring Medical Professionals
  • Having the Right People
  • Providing a Suitable Environment
  • Selecting, Operating and Maintaining Diagnostic Equipment
  • Providing Safe and Appropriate Diagnostic Imaging Services
  • Keeping Record Accurate, Up-to-date, and Secure
  • Monitoring the Safety and Quality of Diagnostic Imaging Services
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