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Governance V3 EN

Governance V3 EN

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The Governance standards address the growing international demand for an enhanced governance function to promote increased accountability and stewardship over decision-making in health care organizations. Governance is the process of controlling the use of assets and resources to accomplish the organization’s mission or purpose. Governance function is the set of processes customs, policies, regulations, and institutions affecting the way a health care organization is directed, or controlled. HSO recognizes five key governance functions: developing the organization’s mission, vision, and values; collecting and using knowledge and information; developing the organization; building relationships with stakeholders; and demonstrating accountability.

Governance can be achieved in different ways according to the organization’s size, structure, mandate, and model of governance. In North America and parts of Europe, health care organizations are often responsible for their governance function via a governing body or board of directors. For some private institutions, governance function may be the responsibility of the owner(s). In other jurisdictions, governance function is under the hierarchical control of or closely linked to government. The role of the organization’s leaders in governance function also varies internationally: senior leadership can be greatly involved in governance function or there may be a distinct division of responsibilities for governance and management.

Given the variation in governance models, the standards are intended to capture the function of governance in an organization, regardless of the organization’s governance size, structure, and mandate. Although the term ‘governing body’ is used throughout these standards, they are intended to apply to different governance models.

The standards are grouped into four themes:

  • Functioning as an Effective Governing Body
  • Developing a Clear Direction for the Organization
  • Supporting the Organization to Achieve its Mandate
  • Being Accountable and Achieving Sustainable Results 
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