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Medication Management V3 EN

Medication Management V3 EN

$100.00 CAD

Medication Management Standards promote a collaborative approach to prevent and reduce medication errors and near misses by addressing all aspects of the medication management process, from prescription, selection, preparation and dispensing to administration of the medication and ongoing monitoring of clients.

Client organizations are responsible for ensuring that the functions outlined in the medication management standards are completed by qualified individuals in line with applicable regulations and their scope of practice. In some cases, amendments were made to the scope of practice of nurses working in remote/isolated health services to fulfill some of the medication management functions normally completed by the pharmacy. In this case, the criteria in the Medication Management standards that relate to these medication management functions would be applicable.

The standards contain the following sections:

  • Planning the Medication Management System
  • Training and Competency Evaluation
  • Accessing Client and Medication Information
  • Selecting and Procuring Medications
  • Storing Medications in the Pharmacy and Client Service Areas
  • Prescribing and Ordering Medications
  • Preparing Medications
  • Labelling and Packaging Medications
  • Dispensing and Delivering Medications
  • Administering Medications and Client Monitoring
  • Evaluating the Medication Management System
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