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Perioperative Services and Invasive Procedures V3 EN

Perioperative Services and Invasive Procedures V3 EN

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HSO’s Perioperative Services and Invasive Procedures Standards apply to the provision of invasive procedures (including diagnostic, interventional, and endoscopic procedures) in a hospital. Procedures may take place in a traditional operating room, cardiac catheterization suite, endoscopy suite, radiology department, or other areas where operative and other invasive procedures may be performed.

The team referred to in the standards reflects a combination of the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative teams. Teams may opt to split the standards into the appropriate sections, or work together in a larger team to review the standards. The ‘team’ may work cooperatively with other teams in the organization (e.g., Biomedical Services) to achieve the requirements of the standards.

The standards contain the following subsections:

  • Investing in Perioperative Services
  • Engaging Prepared and Proactive Staff
  • Providing Safe and Appropriate Preoperative Services
  • Providing Safe and Appropriate Intraoperative Services
  • Preparing Clients for the End of Service
  • Maintaining Accessible and Efficient Clinical Information Systems
  • Monitoring Quality and Achieving Positive Outcomes 
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